Membership in Astronomical Associations, Workgroups, and Projects

VdS-Section "History of Astronomy"




The "History of Astronomy" (Geschichte der Astronomie) is one of nearly 20 sections ("Fachgruppen") in the VdS; see our . Since September 2002 I'm the section director and edit the historic articles for the VdS-Journal. I'm also member of the "Arbeitskreis Astronomiegeschichte" in the german "Astronomischen Gesellschaft" (AG).

NGC/IC Project




Since 1997 I'm a core team member of the international NGC/IC Project, which corrects the original NGC and IC data.

Sternfreunde Breisgau e.V. (SFB)




Since 1977 I'm a member of the Sternfreunde Breisgau e.V.. The SFB opereates the "Schauinsland Observatory" (see their Instruments).

Webb Deep-Sky Society




Since 2001 I'm a member of the Webb Deep-Sky Society and in March 2002 I was elected as their "Director of Nebulae and Clusters Section" (following Steve Hynes).

Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)




In July 2002 I was elected as "Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society" (FRAS) of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Herschel Society, Bath





Since the beginning of 2023 I'm a Committee Member of the Herschel Society, Bath.

Society for the History of Astronomy





Seit 2023 I'm a member of the SHA.

University of Southern Queensland, Australia




Since mid-2023 I'm an "Adjunct Reseach Fellow" at USQ.