Carl Christian Bruhns


Obituary: Obs. 4, 245 (1881); MNRAS 42, 147 (1882); AN 100, 129 (1881)

Bruhns discovered the emission nebula NGC 2175 in Orion. He might have found it at Berlin Observatory using a small comet seeker about 1857. The object is included as #21 in Arthur Auwers' list of new nebulae. In 1860 Bruhns became director of the new Leipzig Observatory.

D N NI Y I T Con Type S Author Title Source
1 N 2175 1857 Rr v ORI EN 2 Auwers, A.  William Herschel's Verzeichnisse von Nebelflecken und Sternhaufen  Königsberg 1862

Berlin Observatory

Painting by Freyendanck, 1838


Leipzig Observatory