Jean Chacornac

Chacornac discovered NGC 1988 in Taurus at Paris Observatory with a 10" refractor. He described the object as a 11 mag star with nebulosity (seen again on January 27, 1856). On November 20, 1862 the nebula had disappeared. Jean Elias Benjamin Valz (1787-1867), the director of Marseille Observatory could not find the object in 1861, noting a false image of a star. Chacornac is kown for his Ecliptical Charts.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Con Type S Author Title Source
1 N 1988 1855 10 19 10,0 Rr v TAU * 9 Chacornac Nebuleuse variable de zeta Taureau  Comp. Rend. 56, 637 (1863)


Paris Observatory

Chacornac's sketch of M 51, made 1862 at the 80 cm Foucault reflector of Paris Observatory