Karl Ludwig Harding

Harding found 2 NGC-objects; one was new: the famous Helix Nebula NGC 7293 in Aquarius (see also Winnecke's report in AN 45, 247 (1857)). The open cluster NGC 6819 in Cygnus was first seen by Caroline Herschel. Harding's objects were propably found 1824 at Göttingen Observatory with a Herschel reflector (aperture 21,7 cm, focal length 3 m). It is interesting that the bright, extended PN was not seen by Herschel. His field of view (15') was too large! This object is also included as #48 in Arthur Auwers' list of new nebulae in William Herschel's Verzeichnisse von Nebelflecken und Sternhaufen, Königsberg 1862. Auwers mentioned an observation by Capocci in 1824, but this has a wrong A.R. and he maybe rediscovered W. Herschel's II 1 = NGC 7184 (a bright galaxy in Aquarius). Ernesto Capocci (1798-1864) was the director of Capodimonte Observatory, Naples, which than had a 12.6" Fraunhofer refractor.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Discoverer Observer Name Con Type S Author Title Source List
  N 6819 1824     8,5 Rl v Herschel C. 14.5.1784 Herschel J. 31.7.1831   CYG I1r 4 Harding, K. L. Berliner Jahrbuch of 1827, p. 135    
1 N 7293 1823 9?   8,5 Rl v     Helix Nebula AQR PN 3 Harding, K. L. Neue Nebelflecke  Berliner Jahrbuch für 1827, 131-134 (1824) 4

Obituary: MNRAS 3, 86 (1835)

Harding at Lilienthal

(Harding is the person at left; middle: Hieronymus Schröter)


20" Reflector at Lilienthal

Göttingen Observatory