Karl Ludwig Harding

Harding found one NGC object, the Planetary Nebula NGC 7293 in Aquarius , published in the Berliner Jahrbuch of 1827, p. 135 (object #4); see also Winnecke's report in AN 45, 247 (1857). The open cluster NGC 6819 in Cygnus (#7) was found by Caroline Herschel May 12, 1784. Hardings objects were propably found 1824 at Göttingen Observatory with a Herschel reflector (aperture 21,7 cm, focal length 3 m ). It is interesting that the bright, extended PN was not found by Herschel. His instrument and magnification was too large! This object is also included as #48 in Arthur Auwers' list of new nebulae in William Herschel's Verzeichnisse von Nebelflecken und Sternhaufen, Königsberg 1862. Auwers mentioned an observation by Capocci in 1824, but this has a wrong A.R. and he maybe rediscovered W. Herschel's II 1 = NGC 7184 (a bright galaxy in Aquarius). Ernesto Capocci (1798-1864) was the director of Capodimonte Observatory, Naples, which than had a 12.6" Fraunhofer refractor.

Obituary: MNRAS 3, 86 (1835)

Harding at Lilienthal

(Harding is the person at left; middle: Hieronymus Schröter)


20" Reflector at Lilienthal

Göttingen Observatory