Gottfried Kirch

Kirch discovered two Messier objects with a small refractor at Berlin Observatory: M 5 and M 11 (see below).

D N NI Y M D I T Observer Name Con Type S Author Title Source
1 N 5904 1702 5 5 Rr v Messier 23.5.1764 M 5 SER V 5 Messier, C. Catalogue des Nébuleuses et des amas d'Etoiles  Hist. de l'Acad. Sci. 1771, 435-461
1 N 6705 1681     Rr v   M 11, Wild Duck Cluster SCT I2r 4 Kirch, G. Ephemeridum Motuum Coelestium Ad Annum Aerae Christianae 1682. Cum Appendice Observationum Nonnullarum Astronomicarum Leipzig 1682

Kirch's drawing of M 11