Jermain Gildersleve Porter


Obituary: PASP 45,153 (1933)

Porter, Director of Cincinnati Observatory, published two series of micrometrical observations of nebulae. The first of 1891 contains positions measured during the years 1884-86 with the old 11" refractor. The sketches of 96 objects presented in the appendix are of interest. During the years 1905-10 a second campaign was carried out (published 1910 ), this time using the new 16" Clark refractor which had been erected in spring 1904 on Mt Lookout. 669 objects were observed, among them 31 by Swift (who detected signifi cant position errors) and 19 "novae". However, 16 of the newly found objects were already in the NGC, one is listed in the fi rst Index Catalogue (Burnhamís IC 168 in Cetus), one is a faint double star and only one is actually new. This is UGC 492, a galaxy in Cetus, which was probably the first object (of only a few) to be found visually after the Second Index Catalogue. 

Cincinnati Observatory with 12" and 16" Refractors