Francesco Rondoni

Rondoni was a lithographer. He produced the printed versions of drawings, made around 1840 by Francesco de Vico at the Collegio Romano Observatory, Rome, with the 6" Cauchoix refractor. They were published in the "Memoria intorno ad alcune Osservazioni fatte alla Specula del Collegio Romano". In the volume for 1840-41 (p. 22-29) are shown: M 31, M 42; in the volume for 1843 (p. 27-28) are shown: M 13, M 51 and an unknown nebula. In "Memoria intorno a parecchie osservazioni dell' Universita Gregoriana in Collegio Romano", p. 34-37 (1839), another drawing of M 42 is shown. Rondoni was a layman.


Roman College Observatory


6" Cauchoix refractor and drawing of M 42