Johann Martin Schaeberle

Obituary: PASP 36, 94 (1924); PASP 36, 312 (1924)

Schaeberle discovered  the large emission nebula IC 405 in Auriga. He detected it on a plate made with the 6" Crocker-Telescope (Willard lens, see picture) at Lick Observatory. Half a year later Max Wolf and Eugen v. Gothard re-discoverd the Flaming Star Nebula.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Observer Name Con Type S Author Title Source
1 I 405 1892 3 21 6,0 Rr p Wolf 25.9.1892
Gothard Oct. 1892
Flaming Star Nebula AUR EN 2 Schaeberle, J. A Large New Nebula in Auriga  PASP 4, 85 (1892)

Lick Observatory and 6" Crocker-Telescope