Etienne Leopold Trouvelot

Obituary: ApJ 2, 166 (1895)

In 1876 Trouvelot discovered IC 4703, the Eagle Nebula in the open cluster M 16. He used the 26" Clark refractor od U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington D.C. In 1894 the emission nebula was photograhed by Roberts with his 20" reflector.

D N NI Y Ap I T Observer Name Con Type S Author Title Source
1 I 4703 1876 26,0 Rr v Roberts 1894 Eagle Nebula SER EN 2 Trouvelot, E. The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings Manual  New York 1882, p. 151


US Naval Observatory, Washington with 15" and 26" Refractor