The creation of the NGC/IC and his revisions

Author / Observer Catalogue Abr. Year Number Remarks
Charles Messier and Pierre Mechain Messier-Catalogue M 1781 103 M 104-109 and M110 later
William Herschel Herschel-Catalogue   1802 ca. 2500  
John Herschel General Catalogue GC 1863 5096  
John Louis Emil Dreyer New General Catalogue NGC 1888 7840  
John Louis Emil Dreyer First Index Catalogue IC I 1895 1520 today: IC
John Louis Emil Dreyer Second Index Catalogue IC II 1908 3866 today: IC
Karl Reinmuth Die Herschel-Nebel   1926 ca. 5000 Revision of the GC
Jack Sulentic and William Tifft Revised New General Catalogue RNGC 1977 7840 Revision of the NGC
Roger Sinnott NGC 2000.0   1988 13226 Revision of the NGC/ IC
Wolfgang Steinicke Revised New General and Index Catalogue   2011 14001 Revision of the NGC/ IC (1. edition 1997)
Wolfgang Steinicke Historic NGC   2011 7840 Discoverers/dates (1. edition: 6 Jan. 2006)
Wolfgang Steinicke Historic IC   2011 5386 Discoverers/dates (1. edition: 23 Apr. 2008)


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A Small Collection of Photos on the History of the NGC/IC

William Herschel (1738-1822) and his sister Lucretia Karoline Herschel (1750-1848)
William Herschel's 20-foot telescope in Bath (18.5" speculum mirror) used for most of his discoveries

John Herschel (1792-1871)

Painting (left) and photo of William Parsons (1800-1867), the Third Earl of Rosse

Lord Rosse's largest telescope, the "Leviathan of Parsontown", in Birr Castle (72" speculum mirror)
Lord Rosse's drawing of M 51 from April 1845, showing spiral structure for the first time
John Louis Emil Dreyer (1852-1926). Director of Armagh Observatory from 1882 to 1916.
At Armagh Dreyer created the NGC (published in 1888)
10" Grubb refraktor (Armagh Observatory)
Frontpage of the NGC/IC (RAS, 1962)
The first entries of the NGC/ IC.
Eduard E. Barnard (1857-1923) at the 36" refractor of Lick Observatory
Strasbourg Observatory and its observers: Winneke, Kobold and (seen here) Ernst Hartwig (1851-1923)

Left: Portrait of Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel (1821-1889)

Right: Merope nebula (NGC 1435 in the Plejades), discovered and sketched by Tempel

Construction of the 6" refractor-dome on the Königstuhl near Heidelberg (Max Wolf seen standing on the scaffold, soon after the topping-out ceremony).