Friedrich Simon Archenhold

In 1891 Simon Archenhold published a paper Ein ausgedehnter Nebel bei ξ Persei. The California Nebula appeared on a plate taken with a 3.1" f/2.5 Busch portrait lense (exposure time 32 min) at Halensee, near Berlin. Instead of the photograph Archenhold presented only a sketch. He wrote that "Dreyer’s new catalogue of nebulae lists under No. 1499 the following nebula, discovered by Barnard". Scheiner photographed NGC 1499 with a 4" f/3.3 Voigtländer Euryskop (exposure time 6 hours) in Nov. 1893 at Potsdam Observatory.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Discoverer Con Type S Name Author Title Source
  N 1499 1891 10 27 3,1 Rr p Barnard 3.11.1885 PER EN 2 California Nebula Archenhold Ein ausgedehnter Nebel bei ξ Persei AN [3082] 129, 153-158 (1891)