William Hautenville Rambaut

Rambaut was Lord Rosse's first assistent of  at Birr Castle, working from Jan. to June1848. He made some nice chalk drawings (on black cardboard) of nebulae observed with the 72" reflector, which were not published. Up left to bottom: M 51, M 64, M 97, M 99, M 42 [(c) W. Steinicke]. On 1 April 1848 Rambaut discovered the galaxy NGC 4110 in Coma Berenices with the 72-inch.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Con Type S Author Title Source
1 N 4110 1848 4 1 72,0 Rl v COM SBb 1 Parsons W. On the Construction of Specula of Six-feet Aperture; and a selection from the Observations of nebulae made with them  Phil. Trans. 151, 681-745 (1861)


Birr Castle


72" Reflector