Thomas William Webb

Obituary: MNRAS 46, 198 (1886)

In 1879 The Rev. Webb found the planetary nebula NGC 7027 in Cygnus with his 9.4" With reflector; the objects was discovered a year earlier by Stephan at Marseille. Already about 1859 Webb had discovered the large open cluster IC 4756 in Serpens with his 3.7" Tully refractor (usually the object is credited to Bailey). The observation is mentioned in his popular book Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Discoverer Observer Con Type S Author Title Source
  N 7027 1879 11 14 9,4 Rl v Stephan 1878   CYG PN 3 Webb, T. W. Observation book  
1 I 4756 1859?     3,7 Rr v   Bailey 1896 SER III2m 4 Webb, T. W. Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes  London 1859

With Reflector