Paul Ewald Felix Hugo Clemens

Obituary: AN 261, 443 (1936); Weltall 37, 69 (1937)

Clemens found the open cluster IC 4996 in Cygnus, but is was seen already by W. Herschel in 1786. Clemens noticed the object on a plate taken for the Photographische Himmelskarte with an 10.5" f/10.5 astrograph at Potsdam Observatory. He marked a cluster of 12 stars. Dreyer incorrectly credits IC 4996 to Bellamy, who found the object in 1903.

D N NI Y M D Ap I T Discoverer Observer Con Type S Author Title Source
  I 4996 1896 6 13 10,5 Rr p Herschel W. 20.9.1786 Bellamy 9.10.1903 CYG II3p 4 Scheiner, J. Photographische Himmelskarte  Vol. 2, p. 221, plate 922, Potsdam 1896


Potsdam Observatory