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Last update: 7 August 2019

Current Matters

Current versions of my files containing historic or modern data - there is nothing comparable!

The observer page and the references were completely revised.

Historic M - Historical data of Messier's catalogue (M)

Historic WH - Historical data of William Herschel's three catalogues (H)

Historic JH - Historical data of John Herschel's Slough and Cape catalogues (h)

Historic Au - Historical data of Arthur Auwers' list of 50 new nebulae (Au)

Historic GC - Historical data of John Herschel's General Catalogue (GC) and Dreyer's "Supplement" (GCS)

Historic NGCIC - Historical data of Dreyer's New General Catalogue (NGC) and Index catalogue (IC)

NGC/IC Observers - Biographical information of all NGC/IC observers

Revised NGC/IC - Revised data and modern identifications for all NGC/IC objects

Please give the source, when using this data! They are available only here - and not on the website of the NGC/IC project! Particularly the "Historically Corrected NGC" (HCNGC, Bob Erdmann), presented there, is a mere copy of an outdated version of my "Historic NGC" (without giving any acknowledgment). For the background of this issue look here.

The book Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies was published in 2019 by "Books on Demand" (available by amazon).

Chapter "William Herschels Star Gages and the Structure of the Milky Way" in C. Cunningham (ed.), The Scientific Legacy of William Herschel (Springer 2018)
Contribution to the film "William Herschel and the Universe" by George Sibley (2017, 90 min) - available from amazon.
For Michael Hoskin's latest book, The Construction of the Heavens: William Herschel's Cosmology (Cambridge University Press, January 2012), I have written comments about the involved deep-sky objects.

The enhanced, English version of my comprehensive study on the history of the NGC has been published in August 2010 by Cambridge University Press. The 660-page book is titled Observing an Cataloguing Nebulae and Star Clusters - from Herschel to Dreyer's New General Catalogue. Look here for more details.


A comprehensive biography on Lord Rosse, editied by Charles Mollan, has appeared in Juli 2014, published by Manchester University Press. I contribute with 70-page chapter on "Birr Castle Observations of Non-stellar Objects and the Development of Nebular Theories".

My "Revised NGC/IC" is used in the NGC-IC Photographic Catalogue by Numazawa and Wakyia. The large-format, 720-page book shows DSS-images of all NGC/IC objects!

Selected papers (pdf):

The M51 Mystery - Lord Rosse, Robinson, South and the Discovery of Spiral Structure in 1845

William & John Herschel's problems in cataloguing M 81 and M 82

Biography of John Louis Emil Dreyer

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